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Influencer marketing works best on social media.

Social media is the bread and butter of influencer marketing. It can reach a large audience and be highly visual (perfect for influencers who can take appealing photos. It also has high engagement rates, which means many people will likely see your posts. Your audience will see that an influencer used your product or service and shared it with their social followers, which will make them more interested because they believe in the influencer's authority. This increases your brand's credibility and makes people feel like they know what you stand for as a company.

Make sure followers are real people, or your efforts may be vain.

A follower is only as good as what the person brings to the table, and that's not just in terms of reach. It would be best to have followers by real people who will engage with the content you create and purchase your products.
Fake followers are a waste of time and money, so avoid influencers whose profiles have a high percentage of them (from 10 to 90 percent). A simple way to check for authenticity is by tracking engagement rates. If someone has 50,000 followers but only gets 25 likes per post, that should raise some red flags.

Don't limit yourself to one platform (Instagram) when you can use many platforms, like YouTube and Facebook!

To maximize the results of your influencer marketing campaign, it's important to use multiple platforms in addition to Instagram. You can also use platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

  • Use YouTube to create a video ad that you might pay an influencer to share on their channel. This can be especially effective if your product or service is hard to explain via text alone.
  • Use Facebook for contests and giveaways with influencers. Think about partnering with an influencer who has a big following on Facebook for a contest where you give away one of your products for free. This can be a great way to grow your email subscriber list!
  • Use Twitter for behind-the-scenes updates. Your audience will appreciate getting more insight into how your business works!


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