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Influencer marketing might be a great strategy for you if:

  • You're looking to reach audiences more likely to be interested in your business. Influencers generally have their niche, so the people following them will be familiar with and curious about the products they're using. Plus, since influencers often partner with other brands similar to yours, if your product makes a good fit for an influencer's brand, likely, the audience will also consider it a good fit.
  • You want people to trust your brand and products. Influencers usually develop relationships with their followers based on authenticity and trustworthiness. When they recommend products they enjoy, their followers are more likely to consider those recommendations seriously because of their relationship with the influencer over time.
  • You want help building your brand and online presence. Influencers can help you gain exposure and build an authentic image for your brand. The content created by influencers is essentially free advertising for you based on someone else's established credibility and unique style—it's like having another company create an ad campaign for you, except all of this, happens organically through social media posts rather than social media posts than paid advertisements.
  • You want help promoting special offers or campaigns from time to time. If you have something in particular that needs extra publicity, such as a specific product launch or promotion, influencers can amplify these key messages when necessary; this helps ensure that the right audiences will receive information about each campaign without having to spend extra money or resources on marketing yourself (since doing so typically requires hiring additional staff).

 Influencer marketing helps you reach a new audience.

When you're working with influencers, you're reaching new audiences to your brand. That means more people will see your products and potentially buy them in the future. Plus, it also means that you're likely reaching people who are already interested in what you sell.

How do I know? Influencers spend a lot of time engaging with their audience, talking about what they love, hate, and need help with. They want to share content they would be interested in! By partnering with an influencer who covers topics related to your industry or niche, the audience you reach will be full of potential customers for your business. This can also help build brand awareness among an audience that is already looking for what you sell - instead of spending resources targeting a broader market that may not have as much interest in your products.

It's more authentic than traditional advertising.

Influencer marketing feels more authentic than traditional forms of advertising. People trust brand advocates more than celebrities and brands. Influencer marketing is less intrusive and has higher engagement rates than other forms of online advertising. It's also more accessible—the content an influencer creates is engaging and entertaining, which makes people feel closer to the influencer (and their brand).

The most important thing to remember when getting into influencer marketing? Authenticity. This form of marketing works so well because people can relate to the creators they follow because they're seen as "real" people instead of a company with a plan or a celebrity selling something.

It's more cost-effective than traditional marketing methods.

But the most significant reason why influencer marketing is cheaper than traditional advertising methods is that you don't have to pay for the media space. Instead, you pay the influencers to promote your product or service on their channels. This means that all the time and money you would have spent finding a publisher, creating content, and paying for ad space can be rerouted towards more useful things like paying influencers to get positive word of mouth about your brand in the world.

This also means that it's much easier to track ROI - which isn't always possible when you opt for traditional ads. With social media-based methods, brands can track clicks and conversions from different campaigns to see exactly how much revenue they generated.

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